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The salon does not have a business phone or a receptionist to intercept client inquiries and other communication. It is the responsibility of each team member to communicate directly with their clients - about scheduling, running late etc.

To start, choose the best way to communicate directly with your clients and inform them how to reach you. Some options are via phone/text, email, IG direct message etc. You might consider setting up a Google Voice number and or creating a professional email address. You can also utilize auto responses to frequently asked questions on Instagram dm's or by posting them on your page and/or highlights.

To stay organized, you are encouraged to have one clear communication method with set days and times when your clients can reach you/expect to hear back. Contact information should be shown on your social media pages.

If you are running late, you must communicate this to your client/s. If possible, let your team know so they can help. Try to give your client as much notice as possible when letting them know you will be late. If this will set back the rest of your day, don’t rush through your services, let all of your scheduled clients know that their appointments will be shifted.

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