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At Wild Desert Beauty we aim to provide outstanding hair services in a welcoming, creative, non-toxic, and
supportive environment for our stylists and clients.
We believe that health matters for people and the planet. We want to leave the world in a better place than
we found it, not only for ourselves, but for those that come after us. We seek to minimize our
environmental impact by focusing on reducing and recycling our waste, using less harmful chemicals and
through intentional sustainable practices.
We support stylists by offering the freedom to create a work life that reflects their individual goals and
values. We believe this is achieved by allowing our employees control over their schedules, services and
pricing, in addition to transparent commission pay and supportive leadership.


Being transparent with our clients, co-workers and leadership is imperative to establish trust, long lasting
relationships and for continued growth. Owning up to mistakes and being open to new ideas and
Treating others in a dignified manner, taking care of our salon space, equipment, and the environment.
Being thoughtful of the things we say and do.
Bringing our best self to work, being mindful of our appearance, our work station, and taking care of our
clients with artistry and integrity.
Growth Mindset
Seeking out your unique career path proactively, with passion for your work. Staying curious and keeping
up with education that supports your specialty.
Working with others as a team, whether helping out around the salon or learning and sharing with one
another. Being able to ask for help when needed.

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