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Social media is a great way to market your business, grow your client base and connect with your target market.

Being active and consistent is important!

Add the salon as a collaborator on your posts/reels - put it on the calendar in Band!

Utilize your time at the salon in between clients to make reels, tutorials or stories

Take video clips and pics of your clients whenever possible so you have lots to choose from

Use the tripod, ring light or your coworkers to help you get additional images

Showcase the type of work you want to do the most behind the chair to attract those clients

Share about yourself and what you do outside of work

Your posts should offer value to your audience - through sharing information and/or connection - what type of experience can they expect when they come to our space and have their hair done by you.

Your posts should also feel like you! 

Commit to posting at least once per week to your feed and three times per week to your stories

Post + Story Ideas To Use on Repeat

- video clips of the salon

- products you love

- tutorials

- other peoples posts that you want to share

- your openings with your booking link

- answer any faq's - how to contact you, how to book/recommended sessions for certain services, where to park, how to prep for your appt, what is hourly pricing, how to buy products/your shopping links, etc

- intro post if it has been a while

- things you are into/working on outside the salon

- pics and video of your clients

- our sustainability practices

- before and afters

- updates to your schedule or services

- video clips and pics from classes you attend 

- behind the scenes or you working on a client

- healthy hair/color tips

- "open the salon with me"

- repost some of your favorite images with a new caption

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