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Salon Culture

Our salon is a creative and professional workplace. These guidelines are in place to align with our salon mission, values and sustainability practices. Please show respect for each other, our clients and our space by being aware of your actions, language and appearance, through following the guidelines.

  • Always arrive on time and prepared for your day both mentally and physically

  • Bring good energy into the space and leave other issues on hold until after your shift. We understand we are all human and have complex lives and emotions that we can’t always leave at the door. If you have something big going on, consider taking time off until you feel able to focus on your work.

  • Be knowledgeable and up to date on salon products and color line

  • Be a good teammate to others – be helpful, respectful and communicate with each other

  • Our salon entrance will remain locked from the outside at all times for safety and convenience, as we do not have a receptionist to intercept inquiries

  • Our salon is by appointment only, so that stylists can focus on their client’s experience and their work.

  • Direct any inquiries to the website for more info/booking

  • Be ready for your clients so you can let them in when they arrive or ask a teammate to help if you are unavailable (eating lunch, with another client etc)

  • When a client arrives, let them in and greet them. If they are seeing another stylist, let their stylist know they have arrived so they can attend to them. You can wave to acknowledge them if you don't recognize them, then let their stylist they are outside, or crack open the door to see if they are here for an appointment. 

  • Direct inquiries from passersby to our website for salon info/appointments

  • Make clients feel welcome, introduce yourself and ask clients their pronouns, offer them a beverage.

  • Bring them to your chair or the waiting area.
    Consult with each client and communicate clearly to set realistic expectations and any changes to their session before starting.

  • Service your clients to the best of your ability and try to stay within their scheduled session time

  • Cell phones should be placed on silent/vibrate and are not to be used for personal reasons while with/i
    front of clients.

  • Clean and sanitize your tools, chair, station, shampoo bowl, after each client in compliance with TDLR
    regulations - reference the TDLR cosmetology rule book in break area when needed

  • Follow our sustainability practices and share them with clients

  • Take photos and videos of your work and share regularly to social media

  • Please refrain from wearing athletic attire and flip flops to work.

  • No guns, or weapons of any kind are permitted in the salon by anyone.

  • Gossip, bullying, racism, sexism, violence, theft, or use of/or being under the influence of alcohol or
    drugs by staff members will not be tolerated at the salon

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