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Opening Procedures
  • Arrive early and prepared for your day

  • Unlock the front door and turn off the alarm - located in locker area. Lights turn on automatically with motion sensor.

  • Turn on the hot towel warmer and make however many you need for the day. Use the older/faded/thinner towels. Add a drop or two of essential oils then wet at the hand sink, wring out until damp, and place in the warmer.

  • Open the Ipad cover- open the Sonos app and select a Spotify station to play. Open the Mangomint app for the schedule and checkout.

  • Turn on the diffuser (on top of mini fridge) by pressing left button once - refill with water + oils to max fill line if it flashes.

  • Gently slide curtains open if the sun isn't too intense

  • Set up your station - get your tools from your locker, pick a station to work at and set up your cart. 

  • Check laundry - fold and put away any clean dry items in dryer, make sure there are some hand towels and robes in the bathroom. Start a new load if needed.

  • Be ready and watching for your client to arrive

  • Additional items if you have time...

  • Put away clean color bowls brushes, whisks etc

  • Put away clean dishes from dishwasher

  • Check client drinks in mini fridge

Daily Tasks
  • Check laundry bins at shampoo area - if they are mostly full, start a load of dark/cleaning items.

  • Check laundry basket in bathroom - separate out any color robes, cleaning cloths or other dark laundry items (put them in shampoo are bins) and start a load of lights if the basket is halfway full or more.

  • Check laundry in washer/dryer - switch over and/or fold and put away.

  • Check hot towels - make more if needed for yourself or others.

  • Sweep your station, the main salon area, break room and/or bathroom etc with the big wooden broom. 

  • Take trash and/or recycling to chutes on 2nd floor.

  • Refill client drink items in mini fridge - extra cans in beverage cabinet

  • Refill Brita container in break room fridge

  • Check bathroom - restock with hand towels, client robes, toilet paper, hand soap etc if needed.

  • Check foil bins - press down to compact. If full, bring to the back and add to the Green Circle Salons box.

  • Make a note on the whiteboard of any items we are low on or out of!

  • Help out your teammates - sweep, pickup their client items, get their clients a drink etc

  • Check in with Band!

Closing Procedures
  • Clean your tools - remove hair from brushes/combs, wash with hot soapy water and spray or soak with Barbicide. 

  • Clean your station - sweep, wipe counter and chair with Branch Basics. Put your tools back in your locker unless you are working the next day/shift. Secure your locker with the lock that has been provided to you. 

  • Put any backbar products back neatly in place in between the mirrors and wipe up any hairs or drips on them.

  • Close curtains on both sides.

  • Pick up and clients cups, trash etc and put away.

  • Load dishwasher - use sponge to scrub lipstick from cups first! If top rack is full, run a light/48 min cycle. Fill dispenser, close, press start and slide sign to CLEAN.

  • Turn off hot towel warmer - empty unused towels into laundry bin.

  • Tidy shampoo area - wipe any color from bowls, counter cabinets and straighten up back bar items.

  • Pause music on iPad and close the cover - make sure it's plugged in.

  • Turn off diffuser - press left button twice.

  • If there is clean wet laundry in the washer put it in the dryer - don't start a new load at night.

  • Gather your belongings, set the alarm and exit. Check the door to make sure its locked!

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