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At Wild Desert Beauty we aim to provide outstanding hair services in a welcoming, creative, non-toxic, and supportive environment for our stylists and clients.


We believe that health matters for people and the planet. We want to leave the world in a better place than we found it, not only for ourselves, but for those that come after us.


We seek to minimize our environmental impact by focusing on reducing and recycling our waste, using less harmful chemicals and through intentional sustainable practices.


We support stylists by offering the freedom to create a work life that reflects their individual goals and values. We believe this is achieved by allowing our employees control over their schedules, services and pricing, in addition to transparent commission pay and supportive leadership.


  • Local recycling of all eligible items

  • Using Eco Heads at the shampoo bowls to reduce water usage by 65%

  • Using only non-toxic hair care products + low-toxic hair color - free of synthetic fragrances, artificial colors without synthetic fragrances, and low-toxic hair colors, aerosols and harsh chemicals

  • Sourcing products from companies that use minimal packaging such as refillable bottles, no plastic and/or post-consumer + recyclable plastics

  • Working with Green Circle Salons to reclaim and recycle 95% of our salon waste - including used foils, hair color wasted, plastic film, hair clippings, soft plastic tubes, color tubes + lids, aerosol cans, and more!

  • Taking care of our salon equipment, furniture, appliances, tools, and our overall space to ensure a long life span

  • Working with product companies that align with our values + vision, give back to eco conscious causes, support or utilize clean energy, are cruelty free etc

  • Choosing reusable gloves for color applications versus single use disposable ones

  • Using washable hand towels and bamboo toilet paper in our restroom

  • Serving beverages in washable glasses and cups instead of plastic bottles or paper cups to reduce waste

  • Using only non-toxic + fragrance free/dye free cleaning and laundry products with refillable bottles

  • Washing laundry in cold water

  • Filling our space with plants to help filter the air

  • Limiting single use items

  • Using high efficiency appliances, LED lighting with motion sensors used throughout the salon

  • Upcycling/repurposing items after used when possible

  • Purchasing used and/or responsibly made salon items

  • Intentionally building a salon space with the most up to date energy codes/requirements in a highly walkable area - near a train stop, bus stop, bike path, apartments, and other businesses

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